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Fannie’s First Visit to a Dog Park

This morning, my mom and I brought Fannie and Missy to Carver Park Reserve Off-Leash Dog Park in Victoria, Minnesota, for Fannie’s first visit to a dog park. As I say in this post from 2021, this was also Pugsley’s first dog park.

I took these four photos from 8:26 to 8:43 a.m.

Fannie II
Missy and Fannie
Fannie III
Pug Life

Carver Park Reserve Off-Leash Dog Park in Autumn

Today, my mom, puggles, and I made it to Carver Park Reserve Off-Leash Dog Park in Victoria, Minnesota. This dog park is actually the only dog park we knew about after getting Pugsley, and it wasn’t for quite some time that we found out about all the other dog parks in the area.

According to the Minnesota DNR’s Fall Color Finder, now is the perfect time for fall colors in Victoria. However, fall colors this year are not as spectacular as other years because of the drought we had this summer. Nevertheless, it was a nice day to visit a dog park and get some photos.

Missy and Pugsley by a fence
Pugsley deciding not to go in the woods
Pugsley by a fence and entrance to the area for small dogs. Ours were the biggest dogs there.
Missy and Pugsley take a break off the path to enjoy the smell of grass
Pugsley smelling more grass with my mom and Missy walking toward Lake Zumbra in the background
A nice portrait of Pugsley in the grass
Missy walking over some fallen leaves on the path