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Visiting Fort Snelling State Park

Today, my mom, my puggle (Missy), and I visited Fort Snelling State Park for the first time (though my mom says she did once visit the cemetery for a funeral). Because Fort Snelling is spread out over such a wide area and is so integral to Minnesota’s history, the photos below actually comprise three cities and three counties. The first location, Big Rivers Regional Trail, isn’t part of Fort Snelling, though the trails do connect to it.

I decided we should visit this state park because it was recommended today by the Fall Color Finder from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, who, in the photo to the right, also show that this area is at the peak time for fall colors.

I took these six photos from 4:13 to 5:21 p.m.

Delta hangar across the Minnesota River, as seen from Big Rivers Regional Trail in Mendota Heights, Minnesota
Delta airplane preparing to land at the runway near the hangar in the previous photo
Down by the Minnesota River at Fort Snelling State Park in St. Paul
Fallen tree near where I took the previous photo at Fort Snelling State Park, with my mom acting as the director of photography
Commemorative marker and/or gravestone for Elizabeth R. Snelling, the daughter of Colonel Josiah Snelling and first white child born in Minnesota. It is located approximately 10 feet behind where I was standing in the next photo at Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel in Minneapolis.
Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel, with my mom acting as the director of photography again