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40,000 Tulips and More at the Arb

I visited the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum this morning to see the 40,000 tulips on display. That being said, a volunteer told me the tulips were past peak. But I think I still got some good photos—of the tulips, the various plants, and a sculpture.

I took these 12 photos from 8:24 to 9:19 a.m.

Various tulips
Tulipa, ‘Teddy Kollek,’ Single Late Tulip
Tulipa, ‘Yosemite,’ Single Late Tulip
Tulipa, ‘Yosemite,’ Single Late Tulip
Tulipa, ‘Ballade Lady,’ Lily-Flowered Tulip
Tulipa, ‘Belle du Monde,’ Single Late Tulip
Expansive view of the tulip garden
Beginning of the Three-Mile Walk
Quercus rubra, Red Oak
Fraxinus nigra, Black Ash
Mimmo Paladino, b. 1948, Italian, Sud II, Bronze
Unidentified pink-flowering plant

By Nicholas

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