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Fannie’s Misadventure at Centennial Lakes Park

Day 5 of Fannie being home.

My mom and I took Fannie and Missy to Centennial Lakes Park in Edina, Minnesota, for the first time (at least for Fannie) this evening.

Unfortunately, my mom dropped Fannie’s leash as she was conversing with other pedestrians, causing Fannie to bolt approximately 100 feet along the artificial lake. Luckily, a Good Samaritan caught up with Fannie and stopped her from going any farther—avoiding a potentially dangerous situation with the water.

These four photos were taken between 5:56 and 6:15 p.m.

Fannie on a sidewalk
Fannie on the sidewalk near a boulder. It was a boulder like this one that helped the Good Samaritan catch Fannie’s leash and potentially save her life.
Fannie and Missy check out some flowers
Fannie on a sidewalk after her misadventure

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