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Letter to President Biden

(I sent this letter to President Biden, via, at 6:00:00 p.m. CDT today.)

September 3, 2022

Dear President Biden:

My name is Nicholas Scribner. I have not contacted the executive branch under your administration yet about the issue of needing–not wanting–a new identity in WITSEC. I should also note I did vote for you in 2020.

While I understand I can’t demand when I get into WITSEC, I think an ideal time would be between now and the middle of October, since my brother, Marc Scribner, is getting married in Knoxville on Oct. 22.

My brother manually strangled me for a long time on my dad’s 54th birthday on Dec. 30, 2012. It’s likely it was premeditated attempted murder. I have significant trauma from the crime, which should have landed my brother in a federal prison. But the Carver County Sheriff’s Office decided not to even arrest my brother and just left me stranded in the E.R. without a ride home.

I believe other attempts have been made on my life since then. The worst attempts seem to happen when I am around my brother (I am not going to his wedding for this reason).

My parents are abusing drugs and alcohol on a daily basis; I have been sober since the night of Oct. 30, 2021. Worse yet, my parents’ nearly constant intoxication is causing them to abuse me more than they probably ever have in my life.

No one will hire me for a job because I don’t have a work history. I am very intelligent and able to work, however. I have a B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. I was even told by Sid Bedingfield, Kate’s dad, that I was perhaps his best student ever (at least the best JOUR 1001 student) and was his first student to get 100% on one of his multiple-choice exams.

If I am not given a new identity in WITSEC, I believe my parents and/or my brother will find a way to carry out a true 187.

I think good people (such as people in the F.B.I.) will breathe a long sigh of relief and be very happy indeed if you use your presidential powers to give me a new identity in WITSEC.


Nicholas Albert Scribner

My letter in Text Editor in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, though I used the text box on to write the letter
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