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Trophy? (My Family Is Threatening Me.)

My parents have been threatening me lately. See my two latest YouTube videos for evidence and my Facebook profile for significantly more evidence.

Here is my Facebook post from this morning:

TROPHY? Approximately six months before my dad’s 60th birthday in 2018, I surprised him with a framed photograph with the autographs of the Minnesota Vikings’ Purple People Eaters. He acted like he didn’t want it when I showed it to him and just kept it in bubble wrap on the floor of our living room.

Today, I told him I wanted to sell it on eBay, and he became aggressive. He said he would steal all my computers if I sold it. My mom said she would cut off my cell phone connection and prevent me from using our cars if I sold it.

Therefore, I decided not to sell it. I am concerned my parents are saving it as some type of trophy, since I think my brother attempted to murder me by strangulation on my dad’s 54th birthday, which was on 12/30/2012.

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Facebook/Nicholas Scribner

Here is the framed, autographed photo in question:

Framed, autographed photo of the Minnesota Vikings’ Purple People Eaters

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